Solo Piano and Jazz Combo

Set the mood during cocktail hour or dinner with a small jazz combo or solo piano performance.


Melrick Bogier Jazz Combo

Whether you need a duo of piano and sax for an intimate atmosphere, a trio to drive the swing, or a full quartet or more this group has you covered.

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Based out of the St. Louis area, one of the most influential hotbeds for jazz, the Melrick Bogier Jazz Combo is poised to deliver at your wedding, bar mitzvah, dinner party or any other event that you may have.  The Melrick Bogier Jazz Combo is composed of players who share the dream of playing jazz for the world.  They turn any room into an intimate jazz club pleasing listeners with songs from the greats: Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Art Blakely, John Coltrane and many more. 
From blues to swing to ragtime to your favorites of today, the Melrick Bogier Jazz Combo will bring it with energy, skill and fun.